Top 5 Recommended Natural Japanese Tea Cafes! Enjoy the Perfect Tea Date for Couples【Shizuoka Prefecture】

Top 5 Recommended Natural Japanese Tea Cafes! Enjoy the Perfect Tea Date for Couples【Shizuoka Prefecture】

When one talks about a tea date, perhaps delicious tea and sweets in a trendy, urban setting come to mind. Here in Shizuoka, we also recommend escaping the crowds and immersing yourself in a relaxing moment on a terrace surrounded by magnificent nature. Enjoy a private moment with Japanese green tea and sweets surrounded by fragrant tea gardens.

This article will introduce five date spots that are accessible by car and offer unique Shizuoka green tea experiences.

Top 5 Recommended Japanese Tea Cafes Surrounded by Nature!

Shizuoka, the tea capital of Japan, is dotted with charming tea terraces and teahouses in the western and eastern parts of the Prefecture. These services, which take advantage of the unique geography of the tea-growing region, are mainly enjoyed by couples and families.

So without further ado, let us introduce some Japanese tea date spots in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The Tea Room of the Ocean and Fuji- Private Tea Terrace between Mt. Fuji and the Ocean.


Umi To Fuji Chanoma(Tea Garden with the Ocean and Mt. Fuji View) is a private tea terrace located on a small mountaintop in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 15 minutes by car from Shin-Fuji Station, and is registered on Google as a museum as a “tea garden with a view of the sea and Mt. Fuji.” The DMO Suruga Tourism Bureau, which works to promote tourism in the central region of Shizuoka Prefecture, offers this private tea terrace for 90 minutes for 3,000 yen with a spectacular view from the roofed pagoda made of local hinoki cypress lumber.

Enjoy a relaxing moment in peace with a cup of Fujioncha(Fuji green tea), carefully produced by Mr. Mohei Honda V, the chairman of the Shizuoka Prefecture Association for the 100 Best Mountain Teas.

Mr. Honda is a graduate of Waseda University and is an learned and gentlemanly tea master who is well versed in tea as well as a diverse range of other fields. If you are lucky enough to meet Mr. Honda, you may be able to hear interesting stories not only about tea, but also about topics from economics to love counseling.

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[Target age group] All ages
[Take-out] Not available
[Address] 417-0841 Shizuoka Prefecture, Fuji City, Fujioka 1765
[Access] 15 minutes from the nearest stations, either Shin-Fuji or Yoshiwara by car.
[Parking] Available
[Opening Hours] Please enquire.
[Holidays] Please enquire.
[Telephone] 0545-30-8825
[Seats] 1

Chanoniwa – A floating garden within a tea farm in Kakegawa, a sacred place for deep steamed tea

Located 8 minutes by car from JR Kakegawa Station, Chanoniwa is operated by [KANEJO Group] Sasaki Seicha.

As you proceed past the chic exterior of the store, visible from the street, the tea garden and tea terrace popping into view are a sight to behold. The garden, which feels as if it is floating, is a spot not only for young couples on dates, but also for families to have a truly unforgettable tea experience.

The tea farm, tea factory, and store are all located in one place, and the popular café menu item at Chanoniwa, which prides itself on the freshness and quality of its tea, is “Smooth Tea Pudding”. The tea is made from Kakegawa fukamushicha (deep steamed green tea), which is known for its deep richness and sweetness, comes in a cute jar that makes a great souvenir.

Enjoy a cup of tea with your sweetheart on the terrace surrounded by the tea farm and garden. A stroll through with a takeout drink in hand is also a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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[Target Age] Teens to 30s
[Take-out] Available
[Address] 436-0012 Shizuoka Prefecture, Kakegawa City, Kamiuchida 389-1
[Access] On the Tomei Expressway, coming from Nagoya, Kakegawa IC is 5 minutes away. From Tokyo, Kikugawa IC is also 5 minutes away. From the southern exit of Kakegawa station, it takes 8 minutes to arrive by taxi.
[Parking space] Available
[Opening hours] 10:00-18:00 (Last order 17:00)
[Holidays] Every Wednesday.
[Telephone] 0537-28-7077
[Seats] 50

GREEN ∞ CAFE – The story of Ryokochi black tea produced by tea farmers

GREEN ∞ CAFE(グリーンエイトカフェ)

GREEN ∞(Eight) CAFE, located 40 minutes by car from JR Shimizu Station, is a popular café offering locally produced, fresh Japanese green tea and sweets.

The cafe, built with antique scrap wood from an old minka (traditional Japanese house), is an elegant, ancient getaway. Couples coming to this extraordinary space will surely have an experience to remember.

There are several types of Green ∞ teas available, including sweet, mild, bitter, smoky, and dark, so enjoy comparing teas and discussing your impressions.

Private dates on the tea terrace are also available by advance reservation. A 10-minute walk from the café, visitors head to the tea terrace with a bag filled with items from the café menu. Enjoy a private picnic moment with no one to disturb you at the end of an idyllic countryside path.

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[Target Age] Teens to 30s
[Take-out] Available
[Address] 424-0403 Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka City, Shimizu-ku, Wadajima 349-4
[Access] 10 minutes by car from the Shin-Tomei Expressway Shimizu IC.
[Parking space] Available
[Opening hours] 10:00-16:00
[Holidays] No scheduled holidays
[Telephone] 054-395-2203
[Seats] 10

Nihondaira Yume Terrace – Panoramic observation gallery built in one of Japan’s most famous scenic spots

Nihondaira Yume Terrace

Located about 25 minutes from the Shizuoka IC on the Tomei Expressway, Nihondaira, a hilly area rising 307 meters above sea level, is a scenic spot awarded first place in the competition of the 100 best sightseeing spots in Japan. The outdoor observation deck at the Nihondaira Yume Terrace offers a 360°C panoramic view of the city.

The outdoor observation deck is open 24 hours a day, and many couples visit at night to see the amazing night view, recognized by the Night View Convention and Visitors Bureau as a Japan Night View Heritage Site.

On a clear day, enjoy tea time at the cafe lounge Yume Terrace Tea House while admiring Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately, however, Nihondaira is always almost fully booked for eating in as tourists from all over the world visit the area. If you are lucky enough to be seated, enjoy a wonderful tea time, or how about taking your drink out to enjoy the spectacular view at the outdoor observation deck?

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[Target Age] All ages
[Take-out] Available
[Address] 424-0886 Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka City, Shimizu-ku, Kusanagi 600-1
[Access] 40 minutes from Shizuoka by the Shizutetsu bus headed for “Nihondaira Ropeway.”
[Parking space] Available
[Opening hours] 9:00-17:00
(Weekends open until 21:00, please check details on the homepage)
[Holidays] Every second Tuesday and the New Year (Dec 26th ~ Dec 31st)
[Telephone] 054-340-1172
[Seats] 14

Old House Cafe Katsuyama – Healing moments spent in an old minka (traditional Japanese house) surrounded by the nature of Mizumiiro

katsuyama cafe

Located in Mizumiiro, Aoi Ku, about 30 minutes from Shizuoka Station, Old House Cafe Katsuyama is an atmospheric Japanese green tea cafe housed in a 170 year old house. The wooden tea room, a feature rarely seen nowadays, has a wonderful nostalgic atmosphere to make you feel as if you are back at home in the countryside.

Each tearoom is separated by a sliding door to maintain privacy, making it popular with couples and families. A dog run is also available for pet friendly dates.

Mr. Katsuyama, who has been making tea for more than 30 years, has painstakingly crafted his Shizuoka Honyamacha and sweet dishes using locally grown ingredients so delicious that you will gape in awe. The warm hospitality of the cafe, run mainly by Mr. and Mrs. Katsuyama, and the rich nature of Mizumiiro will satisfy both your stomach and your senses.

There are also gourmet spots nearby well-known by locals, such as the curry restaurant Sajit and the wood-fired pizza restaurant Chobei, so after lunch, why not spend a relaxing time at the Old House Cafe Katsuyama?

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[Target Age] 20s to 40s.
[Take-out] Available
[Address] 421-1313 Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka City, Aoi-ku, Mizumiiro 1290
[Access] From JR Shizuoka Station; Cross the Anzai bridge over the Abe River and head up the 362 northwest next to the Warashina River for 10km. You will pass through 2 tunnels and a few hundred meters later, turn right at the second traffic light. (In front of the JA Naka-Warashina Branch).

Follow the Mizumiiro River up 4km. Aim for Mizumiiro Primary School. Pass the school and keep going straight and in 500m you will reach a cross-roads.The end of the bus route into Mizumiiro. Turn left and drive up 180m to our shop.

[Parking space] Available
[Opening hours] 10:00-16:00 (Weekends only)
[Holidays] No scheduled holidays
[Telephone] 054-340-1172
[Seats] 6 Tables, 20 seats

Summary of Japanese Green Tea Date Spots in Shizuoka Prefecture

This time, we introduced recommended Japanese green tea date spots in Shizuoka Prefecture, focusing on places that are easily accessible by car. Why don’t you come and enjoy a Japanese tea date that includes an experience unique to the tea-growing region? There are many more attractive spots in Shizuoka Prefecture, and we plan to continue introducing them as well.

Please enjoy a wonderful Japanese tea date!

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