“Saka Kimikura” “KIMIKURA CAFE”

“Saka Kimikura”  “KIMIKURA CAFE”

Saka Kimikura and KIMIKURA CAFE, cafes with Japanese tea and sweets run by Maruyama Tea Products Corporation founded 80 years ago


While appreciating a Japanese garden, you can taste a high quality of Japanese tea, sweets, and a seasonal sweets menu in the tearoom on the second floor.

They exhibit bonsai of Taisho-en, an old bonsai shop in Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City.

↓Fukamushicha with sweet and full flavor.

↓Hojicha beer (alcohol-free beer, but alcohol Hojicha beer is also in their menu).

Cheese and spicy nuts go well with beer with Hojicha aroma.

↓Matcha cream fruit sandwich.

Fresh flavor without the harsh taste of matcha.

↓Kakegawa matcha parfait.

Put a rich matcha sauce before having it. You can enjoy a richer tea taste.

↓Kinako parfait with brown sugar syrup.

Finish with brown sugar syrup before having it. The mixed taste of fragrant kinako, roasted soybean flour, and brown sugar syrup goes well with tea.

I interviewed the manager of Saka Kimikura.

Manager “This is the place where Maruyama Tea Products Corporation, running Saka Kimikura, was founded. Here was originally the house of the founder. At first, they only provided a few tea samples and sold them in front of the office. Kakegawa is famous for its tea in Japan. To promote the tea industry in Kakegawa and spread tea, we started to run this tea shop.”

Manager “Kimikura is written as貴美蔵 in kanji. This new brand is derived from precious (貴) and pretty (美) warehouse (蔵) with nature activities, human thoughts, and techniques to process the best tea. We have prepared a menu like sweets and parfaits for the younger who rarely have tea so that they have a chance to try tea. In the earlier period of menu development, we received advice from a consultant, but the current menu is created by our staff.”

So popular that guests cannot enter on holidays where you can enjoy tea and sweets while appreciating the Japanese garden

Manager “Although this area was occupied by showcases, they were replaced by seats. This is because more guests visited our shop waiting in a long line than we expected.”

― Every menu is tasty, and I feel the pretty presentation is easy to spread via social media.

Manager “Many guests come here by finding us on social media. Especially, we can see more and more young women and couples. A cafe is worth posting on Instagram, which has a big impact. Our seasonal menu lists shaved ice in summer and strawberry parfait in winter. In addition to the sweets menu, matcha latte has become popular in the last few years.”

The first floor is a tea stand of Maruyama Tea Products Corporation, where you can purchase a high quality of tea, teawares, and teacakes

Manager “The tea on the first floor is sold with our original brand package. We adopt a beautiful design to attract guests. The handbag is also our original brand. They are only available at Saka Kimikura.”

Manager “Predicting consumption trend, people may not select tea as a mid-year or year-end gift. However, more common Kimikura’s package and handbag are, more tea is sent as a return gift for a wedding.”

Manager “Nowadays, 100 g of loose leaf tea is too much to purchase for customers, so we are planning to provide more tea bags easy to consume. We will also try to describe information on our tea in English considering inbound tourism demand.”

The sister shop of KIMIKURA CAFE opened near Toen Culture Park General Gymnasium Sunrena to spread the charm of tea more casually.

Manager “KIMIKURA CAFE, our sister tea shop, opened in 2017. It has a more casual atmosphere than Saka Kimikura. In this shop, we don’t sell the usual tea leaves, but instead, we offer tea as a drink like coffee. It is located near Toen Culture Park General Gymnasium Sunrena. After exercise, drink tea. I would like to promote such a healthy image.”

Saka Kimikura and KIMIKURA CAFE casually promote the charm of tea in a Japanese style. Please see how the attractive brand of Maruyama Tea Products Corporation is created and spread from Kakegawa, a famous area for Japanese common tea of Fukamushicha.

Thank you for reading the report of Saka Kimikura and KIMIKURA CAFE by our chief editor.

Saka Kimikura

Address 510-3, Itasawa, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 436-0016, Japan
Website https://sakakimikura.jp/index.html
Phone number 0120-957-558 (reception hours: 10:00 to 19:00) *Domestic call in Japanese only
E-money and credit cards Available
Open 10:00 to 19:00 at the tea stand on the first floor
10:30-18:00 (last order: 17:30) at the tearoom on the second floor
Closed Tuesdays
Parking lot Available
Access By bus
Go out the north exit of Kakegawa Station and take the bus of Daito Hamaoka line at bus stop 3 for less than 10 minutes and get off at Itasawa. Then, you can reach the shopBy car
Total 8-minute drive from Kakegawa Station with 4-minute drive via Tomei Kakegawa IC



Address 2242-1, Oike, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 436-0043, Japan (in Oike Park)
Website https://kimikuracafe.jp/
Phone number +81 537-25-7744
E-money and credit cards Available
Open 9:00 to 19:00 from Mondays to Saturdays and 9:00 to 18:00 on Sundays
Closed Tuesdays/New Year holidays
Parking lot Available
Access By car About 15-minute drive via Tomei Kakegawa IC About 5-minute drive via Saigo IC (Kakegawa Bypass) By bus Take a northbound Kakegawa City Bus and get off at the entrance of Sunrena with a 4-minute walk Take a northbound Kakegawa City Bus and get off at Kamiyashiki with a 6-minute walk

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