Can’t go home until you finish all Matcha products at convenience stores – Freelance writer version

Can’t go home until you finish all Matcha products at convenience stores – Freelance writer version

A convenience store offers many Matcha products. I’m curious about the kind and the impression for all of them as a chief editor, but I’m too afraid to dive into such a big challenge.

That’s why I outsourced to a writer.

In the project,
The chief editor is released from any demanding tasks.
A detailed report can be received from a writer in exchange for some financial cost.
A writer may like tea through the project.

A win-win project.

I offered a freelance writer this time.
A report came to me after I waited for a while.
Here is the report by the writer.

[Total 17 products! ←Final numbers] Tried all Matcha products at convenience stores!

Check my ranking of Matcha products at three convenience stores including Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart, and LAWSON.

Matcha product ranking at Seven-Eleven

#1: Meiji Almond Chocolate


Although I used to have basic almond chocolate, I found Matcha flavor and picked it up. As you can see in the above photos, it’s coated by yellow-green Matcha. When I took a bite, the Matcha flavor spread in my mouth. The sweetness of chocolate and bitterness of Matcha are mixed, which makes it perfect to have with other snacks. It may go well with black coffee.

#2: Häagen-Dazs JAPONAIS Matcha Pie with a Hint of Brown Sugar Syrup

Price: ¥363
Once I opened the cover, a tightly packed pie pastry came into my eyes. I did love the simple texture. The pie itself is yummy, but the combination with Matcha ice cream is even more delicious! It’s not just Matcha ice cream, but it contains brown sugar syrup with dreamy sweetness. Häagen-Dazs never betrays my expectation, and honestly, I hit the jackpot this time!

#3: Seven-Eleven Premium Matcha Churro Donuts

Price: ¥118
After trying one, I felt like eating all! The Matcha flavor with the sugar sweetness of the churro couldn’t be better. It’s provided with friendly price and high quality, which is unique to Seven-Eleven.

#4: Tsujiri Thick Matcha Crunchy Chocolate 90ml

Price: ¥170
Tsujiri is a famous Uji Souhonke, and you must have their tea before. I highly expected this crunch ice cream using the Tsujiri’s Matcha. After all, the Matcha flavor and crunchy chocolate spread in my mouth after a bite. It’s not artificial taste but reproduces the deep unique taste of Tsujiri Matcha, quite high quality. Matcha lovers should try it!

#5: Double Matcha Parfait

(The photos from the side. The lower layer contains full of Matcha jelly!)
Price: ¥278
After taking a bite, I felt Matcha mousse was not sweeter and was easier to finish than I imagined! The Matcha jelly on the top had a firm texture with a faint bitter taste. It has a good value to have authentic Matcha parfait for 278 yen.

#6: Matcha Cheese Souffle

Price: ¥321
The sweets collaborate with Matcha and cheese as the name says. At first, I felt it was soft and fluffy. Matcha may remind us of the bitterness, but it was sweet surely.

#7: KitKat Mature Sweetness

Price: ¥40
I got addicted to the crisp cookie dough. It may be good when you’re hungry.

#8: Seven-Eleven Premium Matcha & Condensed Milk Shaved Ice

Price: ¥138
I couldn’t reach the condensed milk with the first bite, making me feel that it was just Matcha shaved ice. After eating half, condensed milk appeared. It may be too sweet and hard to finish for those who prefer less Matcha sweetness……

#9: Uji Matcha Shiratama Parfait

Price: ¥300
This contains warabi mochi, dorayaki, shiratama and such. I enjoyed chewy, fluffy and several textures. As the Matcha sweetness is strong with the surrounding mochi is also sweet, it’s good if you have a sweet tooth.

#10: Best Matcha Highball Uji Matcha 350ML

Price: ¥153
The big impact of the name attracted me, so I purchased it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t feel that Matcha. It’s like Shochu with less tea flavor.

Matcha product ranking at FamilyMart

FamilyMart reminds us of Green, so I expected they had many Matcha products. I tried several main products. Let me introduce them.

#1: Alfort Mini Chocolate Premium Rich Matcha

Price: ¥ 162
Alfort series include seasonal flavors as well as the basic flavor, and most of them are super yummy. When combined cocoa biscuits with the deep Matcha flavor, the taste is even better! I wondered if the sweetness would be stronger, but the balance of bitter Matcha and the right sweetness was impressive. Absolutely, it’s No.1.

#2: Meiji Matcha Chocolate Box (26 pieces)

Price: ¥324
Everyone has heard Meiji, and the company offers this Matcha product. The coating chocolate is milk like the basic flavor. This product is bite-sized Matcha chocolate with the moderate sweetness that heals my tired brain. I recommend it even for those who cannot taste deep Matcha.

#3: Koikeya Pride Potato Gyokuro and Matcha Salt

Price: ¥159
I expected Matcha flavor, but not so much…… It was good if I had it as the basic flavor Pride Potato Light Salt.

#4: Fluffy and Round Mochi with Umami and Matcha Syrup

This was released from FamilyMart on September 10, 2019 after supervised by Kanibayashi Shunsho Honten, an old tea company based in Kyoto. I loved the elegant taste of Matcha and moist daifuku dough. Take it when you miss the moderate sweetness.

Matcha product ranking at LAWSON

#1: Bourbon Mochi Chocolat Uji Matcha

Price: ¥216
I used to enjoy plain chocolate-flavored Mochi Chocolat. Uji Matcha flavor was new to me. Uji Matcha ganache packed in the mochi was addictive! The soft mochi and the moderate sweet Uji Matcha were playing the perfect harmony, and I couldn’t stop eating it 😀

#2: Kabaya Crispy Panda Matcha Flavor

Price: ¥205
Crispy Panda is one of the longest selling snacks. I found and purchased the Matcha flavor. For the origin of tea, we tend to imagine Shizuoka or Kyoto, but Nishio in Aichi is also the main area where powdered Matcha is processed! It had a light texture and was easy to finish. I felt the firm Matcha flavor. Overall, I can only say this is the best. If you start to take it as a small snack, you will find the empty pack at the next moment. Be careful about that, haha.

#3: Morinaga Milk PARM Matcha Cheesecake Flavor

Price: ¥140
In a nutshell, it is a ‘pretty luxurious flavor’ of PARM Matcha Cheesecake Flavor. The rich umami of Uji Matcha is mixed with the cheesecake taste to create fancy sweets beyond the value of the actual price. Surely, it will provide you with luxurious snack time at 3 o’clock.

Conclusion: We cannot underestimate Matcha sweets at a convenience store. Most of them have high quality, and these are so unique products that move Matcha lovers. I hope you can find your favorite Matcha sweets at a convenience store where you casually drop in every day!

Although we didn’t check MINISTOP or NewDays, such a project is pretty interesting. By the way, the project period was more than 5 months considering the writer’s health. When you see this article, some of those products may have been no longer available. Having said that, I don’t recommend you try too many in a short time. Remember tea is fun.

Besides, it cost quite high. To save the cost, I do recommend reviewing such products by yourself!

Thank you for reading the article of  Can’t go home until you finish all Matcha products at convenience stores – Freelance writer version.

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