Shimizu-tei Park

Shimizu-tei Park

Enjoying a cup of tea while admiring the beautiful garden that has been selected as one of the “100 Best Water Spot in Shizuoka Prefecture”.

Running a shipping business, the Shimizu family flourished by providing their services to the feudal clan in the Edo period.

The stroll garden to the south of the residence of the Shimizu family is said to have been created in the mid-Edo period.

The garden was beautifully designed using an abundance of pure spring water.
This led the garden to be so highly regarded that it was chosen as one of the “100 Best Water Spots”.

At the Shimizu-tei Park, which is managed by Kakegawa City, tea events are held regularly. They are usually open from 10:00 to 16:00 and offer Matcha lattes and Amazake(fermented rice drink), etc.

Amazake is refreshing and smooth, made with koji from a local koji shop in Yokosuka. It’s served in a cup of Wajima lacquerware made in the Edo period. The cup was found in the residence of the Shimizu family. It’s so calming to have Amazake the in a vintage cup while viewing a beautiful garden.

Why don’t you have a cup of tea, taking in the history and the great view in the park?
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Shimizu-tei Park

Address 5298-2 Nishi-Obuchi, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 437-1304, Japan
Tel +81 537-48-6456
Electronic Money and Card Payment
Open 10:00 to 16:00 (except when an event is held)
Last entry in Wakimizu-tei is at 15:00
Closed Thursdays (or the next day if it’s a holiday), New Year’s Eve (December 29th to January 3rd)
Parking Available (15 cars)
Access By car
About 20-minute drive from Kakegawa Interchange of Tomei Expressway
By bus
Take Kaketsuka-Sanarudai Line and get off at the stop of Nishi-Bancho with about 3-minute walk
Take Akiha-Chuen Line and get off at the stop of Shin-Yokosuka with about 3-minute walk

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